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Publishing By Using a Gradle Plugin⚓︎

Currently, there is no official Gradle plugin for publishing to Maven Central via the Central Publishing Portal. We have received significant feedback that publishing via Gradle is important to the community, so we wanted to communicate that Gradle support is on our roadmap.

Community Plugins⚓︎


JReleaser now has support for publishing via the Central Publisher Portal and can be used via their Gradle plugin integration.


If you are looking for alternative options, we are aware of the following projects:

If you wish to have your community plugin added to this list, please contact Central Support. If you have any questions about building your own plugin, please see our Portal API documentation and contact us via the support email with any questions.


Note that these are NOT SUPPORTED by Sonatype, and these are contributions of the open source community to the open source community.

  • Use these contributions at the risk tolerance that you have.
  • Kindly do NOT file Sonatype support tickets in regard to these projects, but contact the authors.