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Central Repository Changelog

2021-09-30 - TLS 1.1 or lower are not supported anymore⚓︎

  • Support for TLSv1.1 or lower was removed from the Publishing servers.

You can find more information about this change in the FAQ Discontinued support for TLSv1.1 and below on Publishing servers and

2021-09-14 - Redirection from custom domains is not valid anymore as proof of ownership⚓︎

  • From now on, the only valid way to verify the ownership of a Domain is to use the TXT setting process. Redirect from the custom domain to a personal SCM (github, gitlab, etc) website is now not enough to prove Domain ownership.

You could find more information in how to set a TXT record in the FAQ Article How to set a TXT Record.

2021-06-24 - SKS Keyserver Network deprecated for GPG keys⚓︎

  • As the SKS Keyserver Network, used to publish and query gpg keys for Maven Central repository, is being deprecated it's recommended to use one of the gpg keyservers supported when publishing artifacts by Maven Central.

For more info, please check the supported keyservers in the Distributing Your Public Key article.

2021-05-10 - New Maven Central security capabilities⚓︎

  • Great new capabilities are rolling out to help make the components you publish even safer and higher quality!

For more info, please check the New Maven Central security capabilities article.

2021-04-05 - New version for The Central Repository Documentation⚓︎

  • With this new relaunch of you will have some new features like Search inside the docs, dark theme and a faster experience.

2021-04-01 - com.github.* is not supported anymore as a valid coordinate⚓︎

  • com.github will no longer be supported as a valid groupId prefix. Github has announced that they will stop redirecting GitHub Pages sites from * to the * domain, and requested that coordinates for individual projects only use io.github prefixes from now on.

    Current projects already using the com.github groupId in Central are not affected by this change.

2021-02-25 - New server⚓︎

  • New projects will be allocated in the new server Old projects using instance are not affected by this change.

    For more info, please check the New Users on article.

2020-01-15 - Legacy and unsecure HTTP accesses disabled⚓︎

  • Access to,, was disabled. Please use the recommended secure https access

    For more info, please check the Central HTTP deprecation update article.

2019-09-20 - New status page available⚓︎

  • There is a new status page available at The site provides more granular insights into the status of Maven Central, including uptime for Search, OSSRH, and our Content Delivery Network. Central users will notice that the Maven Central status field at now redirects to for consistency.

    The new status page provides system metrics relevant for publishers to the Central repository including publish latency and search indexing latency. Users can now subscribe to receive updates directly via email.

    Visit and subscribe to the new status page here. You may also reach the new status page via the integrated status widget in the top right of our homepage.

2019-11-01 - Unsecure access available⚓︎

  • Unsecure access enabled. This URL will continue to be supported after the January 2020 TLS only cutover date. it's recommended to use secure access ( where possible.

2014-11-27 - NXRM 2.11 deployed and rule for enforcing valid dependency versions enabled⚓︎

  • As part of the update to NXRM 2.11 the enforcing of valid dependencies was enabled. This will only affect you if you are using Gradle and the Apache Ivy version range syntax for selecting latest sub-revision e.g. 16+.

    For more info please check the Enforcing valid dependency versions article.

2014-08-03 - HTTPS Support Launching Now!⚓︎

  • It is live! Within an extremely short turnaround time the Sonatype Operations team has coordinated certificates and other setup with our excellent CDN provider Fastly and you can now all enjoy the content of the Central Repository via HTTPS/SSL.

    Going forward we urge all upstream projects to adopt the secure URL as part of their default configuration. In the mean time we have updated the instructions for consuming components from the Central Repository with all the details necessary for your repository manager, build tool or other access mode you are using.

    We hope you enjoy this new feature and look forward to your feedback!

2014-06-11 - Change of IP⚓︎

  • In an ongoing effort to improve availability for, we are moving that host behind some new load balancing infrastructure. The new load balancers have wider support for SSL protocols and ciphers than the current host. So, as a side benefit, intermittent deployment errors caused by SSL handshake issues, should go away.

    The IP address to which resolves will change during the regular Sonatype scheduled maintenance window, Wednesday night, 11 June 2014, at or around 9PM EDT. The new IP address will be:

    For the majority of OSSRH users (who access it by hostname), this change should be invisible. Organizations who have outbound firewall rules set up to allow traffic to a specific IP address will need to update their rules to use the new IP address.

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