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Registered on, but getting errors⚓︎


I registered to publish via, but I'm getting errors that mention "" when I attempt to publish with Maven or Gradle.


If you registered to publish via, you are granted publishing access to the Central Publisher Portal. This is a different service from OSSHRH, which is commonly accessed via or

As the Central Publisher Portal is still relatively new, community resources such as "How To Publish" blog articles or community build tooling plugins' documentation has not yet been updated. Over time, we anticipate this will be more clear as articles are revised or replaced and as plugins update to support the new Portal. In the meantime, we hope that this FAQ answer helps reduce the confusion of having conflicting information on how to publish to Maven Central.

If you want to publish via the Central Publisher Portal⚓︎

If you signed up intentionally on the Portal, you should follow the publishing documentation for Maven, Gradle, uploading manually, or via the Publisher API.

If you want to publish via OSSRH⚓︎

As the Portal is still in early access, we support users migrating backwards to OSSRH. Please review the process in our documentation. for further details.