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OSSRH Account Management Portal⚓︎


How can I update my OSSRH profile ?


To update your OSSRH profile that you created outside Central Portal, please visit our OSSRH Account Management Portal page.

Applies to OSSRH accounts created until March 12th, 2024

This method does not apply if you created your user account in Central Portal.

Sign in with your username (or email) and password:

OSSRH Account management Sign In

In case you need to recover your password you can do so from the same screen. Watch your mailbox for a password reset email notification, it's only valid for a limited time.

After you've logged in you can:

  • update your profile details: email, first name and last name

Profile update

Make all profile updates in one pass

In case you make multiple profile updates each followed by Save, the page would show an error message the second time you save. To work around it, simply refresh the page and make all updates in one pass.

  • update your password

Password update

  • or view your session activity

Session activity