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Notice of Migration of Accounts to the New Account Management Platform⚓︎

We, the Central Team, would like to make our publishers aware of further changes to the account management process. As a part of our ongoing efforts to modernize our processes and increase the security we can provide to our publishers, we have imported the existing user accounts created via into the account management service that secures the Central Publisher Portal. This effort has been transparent for the majority of publishers, but there were a few cases that will require manual effort by publishers. We have communicated via email ahead of time, but this notification will hopefully provide additional clarity to those with questions.

New location for account management for OSSRH⚓︎

Our documentation has been updated to indicate the process for managing your account that was previously managed via the OSSRH Account Management Portal (and before that). It is important to note that, while every account is now managed via, creating a new account does not necessarily grant access to an OSSRH server for publishing. To request that access, you will need to follow the instructions for legacy OSSRH publishers. Access will be granted for users who cannot currently utilize the Central Publisher Portal.

The impact on OSSRH and the Central Publisher Portal⚓︎

While we have merged the account management process down to a single service, OSSRH publishing and Portal publishing are still different services. Your namespaces that are managed via OSSRH will continue to publish to the OSSRH server that you have previously used. Additionally, OSSRH tokens and Portal tokens are different and currently cannot be used across services.

This account management service change allows us to have a unified identity across both services, which enables us to work towards presenting your OSSRH namespaces in the Central Publisher Portal. Until that time, be aware that an OSSRH namespace not appearing in the Portal is not an indication that you do not have permissions to that namespace. Please verify that you are having issues specifically with OSSRH access related to OSSRH namespaces before reaching out to support.

Publishing with username / password⚓︎

Previously, we had allowed publishing with a user's username and password. We strongly encouraged using user tokens, as they are a more secure approach to authentication. With the new account management changes, this moves from a strong recommendation to a requirement. The reason for this change is due to technical limitations with the new system. We appreciate that this will result in a slight disruption for some of our publishers, but we hope that the end result is a better process for everyone.

Publishers with accounts that could not be migrated as-is⚓︎

Although the majority of users could be migrated across the auth systems transparently, there were certain cases that could not. This is due to technical limitations of the new auth system. Emails were sent out to the affected publishers ahead of the migration, but the cases are documented here as well.

Imported after an adjustment⚓︎

  • Usernames with whitespace have the whitespace characters translated to dashes (-)
    • e.g. jane doe becomes jane-doe
  • Usernames that are emails have the @ character translated to a dash (-)
    • e.g. becomes

Require manual intervention⚓︎

  • Usernames for accounts that already exist, but have not verified their email address
  • Usernames for accounts that already exist, but have different email addresses
  • Usernames that are longer than 35 characters
  • Usernames with restricted characters
  • OSSRH accounts registered with an email address that was already registered for the Central Portal with a different username
  • Multiple OSSRH accounts registered with the same email address
  • OSSRH accounts registered with an email address in an invalid format

For those publishers, we encourage you to reach out to Central Support to assist with this process, as you will not be able to publish until resolving this issue. To expedite the outcome, we ask that you open the ticket using the same email address you have in your old account.