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Getting started


Sonatype OSSRH (OSS Repository Hosting) uses Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager to provide repository hosting service for open source project binaries - be sure to review the full terms of service. OSSRH uses the Maven repository format and allows you to:

  • deploy development version binaries (snapshots)
  • stage release binaries
  • promote release binaries and sync them to the Central Repository

The initial setup for your OSSRH repository requires some manual steps and human review (see why), after which your deployment process is typically modified to get components into OSSRH. These are all one time steps.

After the initial setup, publishing from OSSRH to Central is a trivial action which can be done via a browser or programmatically.

Initial Setup⚓︎

Create a ticket with Sonatype⚓︎

Sonatype uses JIRA to manage requests.

  1. Create your JIRA account
  2. Create a New Project ticket

This triggers creation of your repositories. Normally, the process takes less than 2 business days. Why the wait?

Helpful videos:

Please do not deploy until after you have received an e-mail notice indicating that the ticket is Resolved. One of the most common problems related to new projects is premature deployment, which misroutes your artifacts to a catch-all repository.

Lastly, if your component is already in Central be sure to note this in your ticket, and review how to migrate to OSSRH.

Review Requirements⚓︎

There are basic metadata and content requirements for components available in Central. We recommend getting familiar with them while your repositories are being created. For the details, see Central Component Requirements.

Helpful videos:


Most developers find it easiest to implement a deployment procedure in order to automatically meet the component requirements. Depending on your choice of tools and approach there are many different do this.

Below is information for popular tools and approaches. Feel free to send notes about alternative approaches or corrections.

Note: There is a limit of roughly 1024MB on any single file uploaded to OSSRH. Your uploads will fail with a broken pipe exception when you hit this limit. Contact us directly if you need to upload larger components.

Helpful videos:

Releasing to Central⚓︎

At this point, your project is deployed to private repository only accessible to your project members.

To release your components, you can either release them directly from the command line, if you are using the Nexus Staging Maven Plugin or Ant Tasks or open your favorite browser and go to or follow our detailed instructions.

Note: As of February 2021, all new projects began being provisioned on If your project is not provisioned on, you will want to login to the legacy host

Helpful videos:

Upon release, your component will be published to Central: this typically occurs within 30 minutes, though updates to search can take up to four hours.

OSSRH Usage Notes⚓︎

Accessing Repositories⚓︎

The following repositories allow you to access your components in OSSRH directly. Users will simply get your components directly via the Central Repository, but for committers and other collaborators on your project this list might be useful.

Note: As of February 2021, all new projects began being provisioned on If your project is not provisioned on, you will want to use the legacy host