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What Happened To⚓︎

What happened to⚓︎

I typed into my browser, but ended up on What happened to

On 23 February 2023, we started redirecting users looking for to We believe that, since its launch in September 2022, has offered the main functionality of along with enhanced component details, including security vulnerability and software quality information. The search index backing is also updated much more frequently and reliably than the index backing, generally within a few minutes after a new component is published to Maven Central.

We are also no longer investing in additional features or functionality on and are planning a retirement date for that web interface in late 2023/early 2024.

Can you add features to⚓︎

There's a feature on that I'm unable to find on Can you add that feature to the new site?

If you discover functionality that's missing or have suggestions for new things to add, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact Central Support.

Is it possible to continue using⚓︎

I really need to keep using a feature on Is there any way I can continue using it?

Absolutely! Any request referred to from will result in a pop-up that looks like this:

Redirect popup

This link appears in that pop-up, and you can click it to be sent back to Clicking that link will also set a flag in your browser's local storage that will keep you from being redirected to in the future (or at least until you clear your browser cache).

What about the API?⚓︎

I rely on the API. Is this going to break existing API usage?

Not at all! We implemented this change to target only web browser traffic. API requests will continue to function, and, if you have tooling that relies on those API requests, we expect to support the API even after we've retired the web interface. We are currently investigating migrating the API to use the same data stores as, not just so that API consumers can take advantage of more frequently and reliably updated data, but also so that we can offer enhanced data via the existing APIs. We will update the community on our progress in the News section.