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Why the wait?⚓︎


Why does it take so long to set up my OSSRH project?

Why can't I deploy to the Central Repository immediately?


In most cases, it shouldn't take long to set up your project on OSSRH. We are continuously working to automate and streamline as much of the process as we can, but there are some instances where a member of our support staff may need to review or assist with your request.

We are committed to turning around your new project request within two business days. If you are able to meet all of our validation requirements, our automation can usually service your entire request within a few hours or less. Please note, this time frame is for the one time provisioning process, and not releases and deployments.

Our support staff is available to respond to tickets Monday through Friday during standard North American business hours. This is why you may find yourself waiting if your ticket was submitted after hours or on weekends, when it needs human intervention.

We appreciate your patience, and will continue to work on improvements to make the process of registering a project as quick and smooth as possible. We recommend reviewing the rest of our documentation on this site to help you ensure your project and requested group ID meet our requirements, which will help speed up the process considerably.