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Register to Publish Via⚓︎

Registration note

From February 1st, 2024, all registration will be via the Central Portal. This page is intended primarily for users who already have accounts on or have started the process of registering to publish before that deadline.

Contact Central Support at Sonatype⚓︎

Provide your project details, by contacting, indicating the following details:

  1. Group ID (The groupId of your artifacts, e.g. org.sonatype.oss. Need help choosing a groupId? Read
  2. Project URL (Location of the Project Website, e.g.
  3. SCM URL (Location of source control system, e.g.
  4. Username(s) (Comma separated list of the JIRA username(s) for yourself and anyone else you wish to be able to deploy artifacts to this groupId)

Normally, the process takes less than 2 business days. Why the wait?

Please do not deploy until after you have received an e-mail notice indicating that the ticket is Resolved

One of the most common problems related to new projects is premature deployment, which results in build failures complaining about missing permissions.


Once you have a verified namespace, you can read further documentation about publishing via the OSSRH and begin publishing to Maven Central.

Change my full name, e-mail address or password⚓︎

You can change your full name, e-mail address or update your password from the Profile page.

  1. Go to your Jira profile page. jira profile page
  2. From here click the Change Password link to update your password or the pencil at the top right to edit your full name or e-mail address. The password in Jira is the same used for the NXRM publishing servers.


Keep in mind that the full name change is only an aesthetic change and it's different from a username change, described below.

Change my username⚓︎

There is no way to rename, update or change your username. If you want a different username you will need to create a completely new user.