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Register to Publish Via OSSRH⚓︎

Registration Note

From March 12th, 2024, all registration will be via the Central Portal. This page is intended primarily for users who need to publish with legacy OSSRH.

Create an Account⚓︎

Do not register an account using Google or GitHub social logins

The account must be created using the username & password method. Social login accounts cannot be used to log in OSSRH.

The new account registration uses Central Portal's Sign In feature to create an account for OSSRH: click the "Sign In" link at the top right of

Landing Page with Sign In Link

The Central Portal supports social logins via Google or GitHub. Do not use any of these if you create an account for OSSRH, use username and password method instead.


Please provide a valid email when signing up. You will need access to that email address to complete the verification process. Sonatype will use that email address to communicate with you whenever you need support with OSSRH.

Sign Up Form

Checkout your mailbox for a verification email and verify the email address you signed-up with. Unverified emails will prevent us from responding to your requests.

Managing Your Credentials⚓︎

If you've forgotten your password, or you want to rotate your credentials as a good security practice, you can find a link to reset your password in the Sign-In form:

Sign In Form

Clicking that link will bring you to the Reset Password form:

Reset Password Form


Sonatype will never contact you for your password. You must use the links on to manage your credentials.

Create a Namespace⚓︎

After you've registered your account, follow the instructions in our namespace registration page to create a namespace.

Do not publish in Central Portal unless you want to stay in Central Portal

After the namespace is verified you have the ability to publish in Central Portal right away. This FAQ answer should help you decide whether to stay in Portal or migrate the namespace to OSSRH. It is important that you make this decision before you publish your first artifact, because migrating released components back to OSSRH is an additional support burden that will impact the turnaround time for us to fulfill your request. Should you decide to publish in OSSRH, please contact Central Support at this point.

Once this step is completed, you need to contact us to arrange for the verified namespace to be transferred to OSSRH.

Contact Central Support at Sonatype⚓︎

Provide your project details, by contacting Central Support, indicating the following details:

  1. The reason you choose to publish using OSSRH and you cannot use Central Portal publishing method.
  2. Group ID (The groupId of your artifacts, e.g. org.sonatype.oss. Need help choosing a groupId? Please see coordinate requirements details.
  3. Project URL (Location of the Project Website, e.g.
  4. SCM URL (Location of source control system, e.g.
  5. Username(s) (Comma separated list of username(s) for yourself and anyone else you wish to be able to deploy artifacts to this groupId)

Normally, the process takes less than 2 business days. Why the wait?

Please do not deploy until after you have received an email notice indicating that the ticket is Resolved

One of the most common problems related to new projects is premature deployment, which results in build failures complaining about missing permissions.


Once you have a verified namespace, you can read further documentation about publishing via the OSSRH and begin publishing to Maven Central.

Managing Your Project⚓︎

Add or remove permissions to your project⚓︎

Currently, the management of publishing permissions is done by the Central Repository maintainers.

You will need to contact Central Support with the details of the request (i.e. adding or removing users), the groupId of your project and the username(s) in question.

The email account you contact us must have publisher access

When you make a request for other users to be added or removed from namespace permissions, please ensure the request comes from the email account you have registered in our system.

Who can request adding or removing a user?

Aside from a special group of projects, only current users with publishing permissions can request adding, removing permissions or any user management request in a project.

List of all current publisher users⚓︎

You also need to contact Central Support to request a list of all the current users with publishing permissions in your project.


There are no roles currently available for project management, the only available permissions is publisher.

Change my full name, email address or password⚓︎

The ability to update your user profile depends on the method you used to create your user account:

  • if you created your user account before March 12th, 2024, please see our OSSRH Account Management Portal FAQ.
  • if your account was created after March 12th, 2024, in Central Portal, the only option you have is to update your password in case you forgot it. If you forgot your username or email account, then account recovery is not possible, and you'd have to create a new user account. Reassigning publish access to your new account might be hindered by your ability to prove to us that you are the owner of that namespace.

Change my username⚓︎

There is no way to rename, update or change your username. If you want a different username you will need to create a completely new user.