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Frequently Asked Questions About Publisher Early Access on⚓︎

What can I do with Publisher Early Access?⚓︎

  • Claim a publishing namespace
  • Publish components to Maven Central using a web interface
  • Set up a webhook for notifying you when your components have been successfully published
  • Manage your credentials

I just signed up! What's next?⚓︎

Please make sure that you provided a valid e-mail address during signup. You will need access to that e-mail address to complete the signup process. Sonatype will use also use that e-mail address to communicate with you whenever you need support with the Publisher Early Access on

Why do I need to prove domain ownership? And how do I do it?⚓︎

Proving domain ownership is the first step to publishing on See this FAQ for details. We accept DNS TXT records as proof of domain ownership, and you can find instructions on setting DNS TXT records with various providers in this FAQ

I'm stuck, and I don't know what to do next. How do I get help?⚓︎

Sonatype is here to help! You should start by reviewing our official guide to Publisher Early Access. If you need further assistance, please email Central Support. We will look up your account based on the email address you provided at signup. Please provide as much detail as possible (e.g. screenshots, build logs, steps to reproduce, etc.) in your email.