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Why was my publishing access removed?⚓︎


Why was my publishing access removed?


There are many reasons why your access might have been temporarily or permanently removed. Common reasons include violation of our terms of service or other behavior that negatively impacts the operation of Maven Central. If this occurs, please contact Central Support to see if there is a way to regain access.

Mis-configured Build Triggered Abuse Detection⚓︎

Occasionally, we get instances where users' release processes have aggressive retry logic that submits a large volume of requests over a short period of time. For those cases, we try to work with those users to correct the issues so they can resume publishing.

Domain / Account Expiration⚓︎

For DNS-based namespaces that the underlying DNS registration has lapsed or for repository-based namespaces that the underlying repository or user account has been deleted, we may remove publishing access as a security precaution.

We are working on a more formal policy to preserve the integrity of Maven Central and will clearly communicate all new expectations to our users once that is released publicly.