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Central Search Changelog

2021-11-18 - Classic Search Retired on 14 January 2022⚓︎

  • Classic Search Retired on 14 January 2022.

You can find more information about this change in the FAQ Classic Search Retired on 14 January 2022.

2021-11-18 - Central Search documentation on⚓︎

  • Central Search documentation on

This site now hosts documentation for Central Search. You can find the link in the site menu. For now, the documentation includes example URLs and the REST API guide.

2021-09-30 - TLS 1.1 or lower are not supported anymore⚓︎

  • Support for TLSv1.1 or lower was removed from

You can find more information about this change in the FAQ Discontinued support for TLSv1.1 and below on Publishing servers and

2018-08-08 - site upgrade⚓︎

  • took a whole new look geared towards the modern user. Thanks to significant input from the community since the launch in 2017 as well as a few dedicated engineers here at Sonatype, we've managed to deliver a new platform that greatly improves upon original Maven Central Search and also retains the critical functionality relied upon by software engineers around the world.

    What changed?

    • Improvements to provide a better user experience
    • Display known vulnerabilities on open source components via Sonatype OSS Index
    • Fuzzy result matching for more more helpful results in case of spelling error
    • Improvements to allow for better use on mobile devices

    What's being preserved?

    Changes to Bookmarkable URLs:

    • Post update, any bookmarkable URLs will need to be appended with "/classic" in order to resolve correctly.
    • Upon transitioning to the new site, we will be updating the API guide with the correct bookmarkable URLs.


    legacy artifact


    new artifact

2014-03-03 - URL enconding fixed and Leiningen added ⚓︎

  • A minor update to Central Repository Search was deployed today that:

    • Fixed CENTRAL-529: URL encoding for versions.
    • Added dependency information for Leiningen to all search results - Leiningen is now regularly in the top 10 of user agents hitting the Central Repository.