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Where to find help

There are number of options available for you to receive help from Sonatype (creating a ticket depending on the type of error) and from other users.


You can also look at our Frequently Asked Questions section where you may find a response to your issue before opening a request.


First and foremost, the following resources contain up-to-date status information about the Central Repository and related infrastructure (NXRM servers, Search Service).

If there is any service disruption, it may already have been reported and news about it will be available from there:



A producer is an entity that would like to publish content into the Central repository. The Central Repository team provides support to producers via the OSSRH Issue Tracker for different matters like get started with publishing, publishing-related problems, search results issues or to request changes to publisher permissions. Please choose the appropriate issue type based on your situation:

  • New Project:


    This issue type is backed by automation that helps streamline and expedite the provisioning process for you as much as possible.

    • You are completely new to publishing to the Central Repository and wish to publish components under your first groupId, e.g. org.myproject.
    • You are a seasoned publisher, but now you wish to publish your components under a different groupId, e.g. you previously published under org.myproject, but you need to create a New Project to publish under org.newproject
  • Publishing Support:

    • You've previously created a new project and you need help with navigating errors you encounter in the publishing process.
    • You need to add or remove users who can publish to your project.
    • You have any other issue or question not related to creating a new groupId.
    • You released an artifact and the results are not available yet on (after 4 hours of being released) or have inconsistencies.

You can also have information or ask questions on the mailing list:


A consumer is someone or something that would like to access the content of the Central repository ( or search on Consumers receive support via the MVNCENTRAL issue tracker. Please choose the appropriate issue type based on your situation: