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Publishing By Uploading a Bundle⚓︎

Publisher Early Access supports uploading a zip file containing your components and accompanying required files (metadata, checksums, signatures). Assembling this zip file will depend on your build tooling and process. You can find generic guidance on assembling a zip for upload in our existing guide to manual deployments. The key difference between the two processes is that the new process does not require the bundle to be a .jar file, but does expect the files to follow the folder convention of the Maven Repository Layout. For example, a project for the namespace com.sonatype.central.example, component example_java_project, and version 0.1.0 might decompress to the following folder structure:

$ tree
`-- com
    `-- sonatype
        `-- central
            `-- example
                `-- example_java_project
                    `-- 0.1.0
                        |-- example_java_project-0.1.0-javadoc.jar
                        |-- example_java_project-0.1.0-javadoc.jar.asc
                        |-- example_java_project-0.1.0-javadoc.jar.md5
                        |-- example_java_project-0.1.0-javadoc.jar.sha1
                        |-- example_java_project-0.1.0-sources.jar
                        |-- example_java_project-0.1.0-sources.jar.asc
                        |-- example_java_project-0.1.0-sources.jar.md5
                        |-- example_java_project-0.1.0-sources.jar.sha1
                        |-- example_java_project-0.1.0.jar
                        |-- example_java_project-0.1.0.jar.asc
                        |-- example_java_project-0.1.0.jar.md5
                        |-- example_java_project-0.1.0.jar.sha1
                        |-- example_java_project-0.1.0.pom
                        |-- example_java_project-0.1.0.pom.asc
                        |-- example_java_project-0.1.0.pom.md5
                        `-- example_java_project-0.1.0.pom.sha1


Publisher Early Access currently supports common archive extensions, e.g. zip, jar, tar.gz. While you can only upload one zip at a time per publishing request, the archive can contain more than one component. You can upload an archive up to 1GB in size. If your upload fails with an error or does not result in the creation of a deployment, first check to see if the file is less than 1GB in size and that it extracts properly with a local archive extract tool. If the archive is valid and fits into the size limit but still won't upload, please email Central Support and provide as much supporting information as you can (e.g. screenshots, logs, steps to reproduce).

If you have at least one verified namespace, you can click the "Publish Component" button from the Namespaces tab:

Verified Namespace

You can also click the "Publish" link in the top right or on the "Deployments" tab under "Publishing Settings" to arrive here:

Publishing Settings - Deployments

From here, you can click either button labeled "Publish Component":

Publish Component - Deployment Name

Enter a "Deployment Name." This will help you identify what you're attempting to publish (e.g. given that you're publishing to Maven Central, you could add your coordinates, i.e. "your.groupId:your.artifactId:0.0.your-version"). You can also provide a longer, optional "Description".

Scroll to the bottom of the popup to find the "Upload File" button:

Publish Component - Upload

Click this button to choose a file from your computer, and then click the "Publish Component" button to begin the upload.