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Getting Started



If you currently publish to or, please continue to use our original publishers' guide. If you are interested in Publisher Early Access, please send a message to Central Support, so we can walk you through the migration process. Publishing via the existing workflow and the new workflow to the same namespace is not possible, but migrating back to the OSSRH workflow is supported while the Portal workflow is in Early Access.

Publisher Early Access enables you to do the following on

  • Claim a publishing namespace
  • Publish components to Maven Central using a web interface
  • Publish components to Maven Central using a Maven build plugin
  • Set up a webhook for notifying you when your components have been successfully published
  • Manage your credentials

If you are not currently publishing artifacts to Maven Central on an host, and if you are comfortable with manually publishing components on, then keep reading for a step-by-step guide that takes you through the entire process from signup to uploading your first components!

Publishing Your Components⚓︎

After your namespace has been verified, you're finally ready to start uploading components to Maven Central! See the following documentation for further instructions:

Component Validation⚓︎

After your upload is accepted, Publisher Early Access will begin the validation process:

Publishing Settings - Deployment Submitted

The validation process ensures that your components meet all the requirements for Maven Central. Validation should not take more than a few minutes. Click the "Refresh" button to see status of the validation process.

If your components do not meet all the requirements, your Deployment will fail, and the right column of the Deployment card, labeled "Validation Results," will detail which validations failed. Once you address those issues in your local build, you can click the "Publish Component" again to start a new Deployment where you can submit the updated zip file.

Once the validation is complete and if there are no errors, you are able to publish your components. Pressing the "Publish" button will sync automatically to Maven Central. Congratulations!

A screenshot of the deployments page that shows the Publish and Drop buttons for a specific deployment


Once released/published, you will not be able to remove/update/modify your components. Please see the Can I change (modify, delete, update) a component on Central? FAQ for more details on this long-standing policy.

Adding a Webhook⚓︎

Publisher Early Access enables publishers to specify a webhook, which will fire after components have passed validation and are approved for sync to Maven Central. Publishers can use webhooks to get notified in their messaging systems or to trigger other workflows within their organizations.

To add a webhook, click the "View Webhooks" link in the top-right menu under your username/email address:

View Webhooks

Provide the required Webhoook URL and, if required, a username and password for our service to send when calling your webhook. Click Save button to save your changes:

Update Webhook

If you have provided a valid URL (and optional credentials), your webhook be called as soon as you attempt to publish a component. The webhook will specify details around the success or failure of the publication attempt.