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On March 12th, 2024, will be decommissioned. This change is occurring due to Atlassian ending support for the server version of JIRA. We appreciate the years of support that Atlassian has given Maven Central that enabled us to provide support to the broader community.

What this means going forward⚓︎ has been used both as the entrypoint into publishing to Maven Central and as a location for opening support requests related to publishing, retrieving, and searching for components on Maven Central.

Registration and Namespace Requests⚓︎

Users new to publishing via Maven Central will need to register via We have additional documentation on the process of signing up and requesting namespaces.

Support Requests⚓︎

All other support requests will go through our Central Support email. We will continue to provide the same level of responsiveness and helpfulness, just via a different medium.

What this means for current users⚓︎

Existing Accounts⚓︎

As a part of this change, we are going to be migrating existing user accounts to a new identity platform. This will enable users to continue to manage their passwords once is gone. Our intent is for this process to be mostly seamless. We will communicate further details as we near the migration date.

Authenticating to OSSRH⚓︎

Currently, we offer both token authentication and username/password authentication to OSSRH. Using tokens for publishing is better for security and therefore will be the only supported method for publishing to OSSRH in the future. If you are currently using your username/password to authenticate, please set up a token on the OSSRH server you use for publishing.

Existing Support Requests⚓︎

We will work to resolve all outstanding support requests before the decommissioning date. However, we realize that there will likely be some requests that need to be redirected to the new email-based support workflow. We will work with users to ensure that they have access to any information they've included on their support tickets.