Free Video Series - Easy Publishing to the Central Repository

Publishing your components to the Central Repository via the Nexus Repository Manager running on OSSRH has always had a mixed perception. It is actually very easy, yet it has often been perceived as complicated. Once you understand a few basics and completed the initial setup, everything can be automated and is easy to perform.

However managing OSSRH for years and on-boarding dozens of projects a day, our operations team has observed a few patterns. This led us to assemble a few tips and explanations for typical problem areas and we turned those into short, easily digestible videos now. The series is called Easy Publishing to the Central Repository and it is available for free on the Nexus community. The episodes are:

All of these videos are only a couple of minutes long and provide you with a good understanding for the first necessary steps. If you want to dive deeper you can use our example project as a base. And of course, the documentation right here on the site provides more details, once you have mastered the first steps.

For example, check out the pages about

Or tool-specific tips for

And if you still get stuck or run into trouble, make sure to reach out to use via one of the many Help channels.

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