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New Users on⚓︎


I just signed up with Sonatype to publish my components to Maven Central. I've been instructed to use the hostname What happened to


On 25 February 2021, new users who sign up with Sonatype to publish to Maven Central will use

Why Are We Doing This?⚓︎

The volume of users on has increased significantly since late 2020. With the recent announcement of the sunsetting of JCenter, we have seen a surge in new project signups. Even after multiple rounds of scaling up its underlying infrastructure, is still running at close to capacity. Current users may run into long and unpredictable periods of slowness, where staging operations time out.

By moving new signups to a new host, we hope to provide some relief to existing customers while we investigate ways to improve performance. We are also assisting existing customers who wish to migrate to the new host. Any traffic that we can offload from improves the user experience for all users on that host.

Users who publish on will experience improved performance simply because they're not contending with the thousands of other users who have signed up on the old host over the years. We will be monitoring performance on the new host closely, and, while we don't expect it to be overwhelmed in the foreseeable future, we can always cap subscribership on at a level that ensures peak performance and spin up yet another new host to handle future load.

What If I'm Already Publishing on⚓︎

If you signed up before 25 February 2021, this change does not affect you. Even after we've updated our documentation on to reflect the new host, is NOT going away. Your existing builds will continue to run and your artifacts published on will continue to sync to Maven Central.

How Do I Get Help?⚓︎

Please continue to file issues in the OSSRH JIRA project (