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Why Use Central?

Ease of Use

The Central Repository is the default repository for Apache Maven, SBT and other build systems and can be easily used from Apache Ant/Ivy, Gradle and many other tools.


Open source organizations such as the Apache Software Foundation, the Eclipse Foundation, JBoss and many individual open source projects publish their components to the Central Repository.

What You Want

When you develop software, you depend on open source components. And these external libraries are predictably available on the Central Repository.


And Publishing is Easy!


There are some minimal requirements for publishing your component to the Central Repository. These are things that the community has insisted upon: in short, the basic elements of quality metadata that developers rely on.

Register Your Project

We have to know information about your project: where artifacts are hosted so that they can be incorporated into the Central Repository; and where to publish them.

Deploy Your Components

Your deployment procedure ensures the basic requirements are met and uploads your components. There are many tools available for this and we have documentation available for the most popular ones.

See the Deployment Guide