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What Is The Central Repository?⚓︎

The Central Repository is the largest collection of Java and other open source components. It provides the easiest way to access and distribute your software components to millions of developers. It is the default repository for Apache Maven, SBT and other build systems and can be easily used from Apache Ant/Ivy, Gradle and many other tools.

A large number of open source organizations such as the Apache Software Foundation, the Eclipse Foundation, JBoss and many individual open source projects from large organizations and companies down to individual programmers publish their components to the Central Repository.

When you develop software you depend on open source components, and these external libraries are likely available on the Central Repository.

Central uses a Maven 2 repository format and hosts release components only.

Why Use The Central Repository?⚓︎

Using the Central Repository allows you take advantage of a number of benefits:


Sonatype provides the Central Repository as a free service supporting the development community.

Highly Available⚓︎

The Central Repository is a geographically distributed collection of dedicated servers running in North America and Europe establishing a high performance content delivery network and backed by the most reliable hosting partners in the world. It serves billions of requests a year from millions of developers all around the world.

If you are evaluating the Central Repository as a distribution mechanism for OSS software components, take a look at our statistics. The Central Repository already serves well over 1,100,000 components and supports millions of users. You could be the next one enjoying the benefits.

Open for Contributions⚓︎

The Central Repository is open to host and distribute your components. Find out how to become a component producer, contribute your components and enable easy access for your users.


Our dedicated team of administrators assess risk and identify security vulnerabilities to the Central Repository as vulnerabilities are identified.

What does Sonatype have to do with the Central Repository?⚓︎

Sonatype is the steward, maintainer and financial sponsor of the Central Repository and is determined to continue to provide it to the community of consumers and providers of components.

Sonatype is committed to ensuring that the Central Repository is a reliable resource for the community. We continue to invest in enhancements that improve system security, performance, and availability.