The Nexus Community

If you enjoyed the video about publishing to the Central Repository and want more, we got something for you. The brand new Nexus community site includes a whole training course that explains all about deployment from your build to Nexus and the Central Repository and it is available for free. After all when you publish your open source components to the Central Repository, you most likely do so via OSSRH, which is running Nexus Repository Manager and the staging suite, or another Nexus Repository Manager instance.

But even if you are not yet publishing your projects and just enjoy the myriad of components available in the Central Repository, the Nexus community site offers a wealth of blog posts and information about component usage in general including security and license analysis and more.

You can even find generally interesting articles about software engineering and team management or hands on tips and tricks for analyzing the components in your application.

We are certain that there will be something of interest for you as a user of the Central Repository. Why don't you go and check it our for yourself) and let us know..