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What Happened To⚓︎

Where did go?⚓︎

I typed in my browser, and the link redirected me here. What happened to the previous

On Jan 9th, 2024 we announced will be decommissioned soon. As part of the decommissioning process we removed the access to, and we replaced our Jira ticketing system with a Zendesk email intake method. To open a support ticket with us email Central Support and follow-up in the email thread. To help us get back to you faster, please do not include previous replies in your follow-up messages.

I used to register/udate my OSSRH account at, what do I do now?⚓︎

I used to fill a form at every time I registered a new account or if I wanted to make changes. What is the process now ?

To register a new account, please follow the instructions in our OSSRH registration page.

To add a new publisher to an existing namespace, send us a support ticket at Central Support and include the username(s) to be added. The username(s) must be already registered by following the instructions in OSSRH registration page. Please make sure the email account where you submit the support request from is registered in our system as a publisher for that namespace.