Per our previous article, beginning January 15, 2020. Maven Central will no longer support transactions via HTTP. As a result, we will be removing any existing endpoints for Maven Central that do not support TLS. In other words, we will be dropping support for several non-canonical urls that may still be in use. This will take place in conjunction with the global deprecation of HTTP on January 15, 2020.

Canonical URLs

The following are canonical URLs that will continue to be supported (TLS only).

Unsupported URLs

All other URLs will no longer be supported. Notably, the following URLs will be disabled entirely beginning January 15th, 2020:


Insecure usage

As we have already mentioned, we will be providing a designated insecure endpoint for older clients which do not support TLS. We will update this article with the insecure URL as we approach January 2020.

You can check out our FAQ Page or follow @sonatype_ops on Twitter for details.