On Wednesday, August 8th after 17:00 UTC, search.maven.org will be taking on a whole new look geared towards the modern user. Thanks to significant input from the community since the search.maven.org/beta launch in 2017 as well as a few dedicated engineers here at Sonatype, we've managed to deliver a new platform that greatly improves upon original Maven Central Search and also retains the critical functionality relied upon by software engineers around the world.

What's changing?

  • Improvements to provide a better user experience
  • Display known vulnerabilities on open source components via Sonatype OSS Index
  • Fuzzy result matching for more more helpful results in case of spelling error
  • Improvements to allow for better use on mobile devices

What's being preserved?

  • Classic REST API behavior as described in the bottom half of the original API Guide.
  • The classic search.maven.org UI will continue to be available at https://search.maven.org/classic.

Changes to Bookmarkable URLs:

  • Post update, any bookmarkable URLs will need to be appended with "/classic" in order to resolve correctly.
  • Upon transitioning to the new site, we will be updating the API guide with the correct bookmarkable URLs.

Legacy search.maven.org

legacy artifact

New search.maven.org

new artifact

Follow @sonatype_ops on Twitter for further updates. Also be sure to visit the public search.maven.org public Github repo to contribute to this ongoing project.