A producer is an entity that would like publish content into the Central repository.

Whether you are an individual running a small open source project, a group of developers with a few projects or a large organization running your own repository manager publishing open source components - we can help you with publishing them to the Central Repository and provides the benefits of the Central Repository to your users.

Individual Projects - Open Source Software Repository Hosting (OSSRH)

Sonatype's Open Source Software Repository Hosting (OSSRH) service is the primary avenue for project owners and contributors to publish their components to the Central Repository. It is a hosted deployment of Nexus Repository Manager with the Nexus Staging Suite used for the deployment process and validation, combined with a sync process to the Central Repository content delivery network.

To use OSSRH you need to follow a few simple steps for initial setup:

  1. Provide project details.
  2. Set up your build system to deploy to OSSRH.

After that, you can publish as many components and releases under the provided Group ID and any nested Group ID values to the Central Repository as often as you like.

The video series Easy Publishing to the Central Repository provides a number of short tutorials for beginners:

For more detailed instructions, please follow our step-by-step guide.

Large Organizations/Forges - Repository Sync

Organizations running their own repository manager can have their components published to Central without using OSSRH.

Why Synchronize Your Forge to the Central Repository?

Running your own repository manager as part of your software development tool chain allows you to keep control. Combining it with a synchronization to the Central Repository gives your users easy access to your components and provides the benefits of the Central Repository to them.

Is Anybody Doing This Already?

Many large forges already synchronize to the Central Repository e.g.

Next Steps

Contact us directly for a free license of Nexus Repository Manager to run your open source forge and get help setting up the synchronization of components to the Central Repository. Further instructions for the configuration can be found on Central Sync with Nexus Smart Proxy.